About the Crew


Mountain Dan Corbett

Upland Bird Hunter

Hi, I'm Mountain Dan Corbett.  I've been an avid upland bird hunter since I harvested my first pheasant in 1948 when I was 10 years old, in the hills overlooking the Ellsberg Valley of Washington State.  I used my bolt action Stevens 410 shotgun, that my Dad had purchased for me from Sears and Roebuck.  My passion for hunting has led me to pursue a career that not only allows me to satisfy my desire for the thrill of the hunt, but also gives me the opportunity to pass on the knowledge and skills I have gleaned in my 60+ years of hunting.  My television show, “Hunting Adventures With Mountain Dan”, hosted by your's truly and starring my flushing Lab “Ace” and my German wire hair pointer “Roy”, gives viewers the opportunity to experience an exciting, educational, and SAFE hunt.  My guest shooters range from young children on their first ever pheasant or chukar hunting experience, women on their first hunts, and experienced hunters of both genders.  Not only do I teach proper gun handling and hunting etiquette, with every show I bring in the working knowledge you need to have an exciting and successful hunt.  See you in the field!


"Ace" of Hearts

Labrador Retriever (Flusher)

Ace is the sixth Labrador that has owned Mountain Dan.  Ace has been trained personally by Mountain Dan for upland bird hunting only.  He is a joy for Mountain Dan to hunt over, because he works close and never gets out of range.


"Roy" Royal Flush

German wire hair (Pointer)

Roy is the first pointer that has ever owned Mountain Dan.  Roy was professionally trained because Mountain Dan had never trained a pointer before, and had no experience training pointers.  Because of Roy's training, he has opened up a whole new style of upland bird hunting for Mountain Dan.

Tyler Pochop


Ty grew up in Anderson, in Northern California.  After serving 10 years in the California Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer (including two overseas deployments), Ty moved to the Bay Area to attend San Jose State University to study filmmaking.  After graduating San Jose State University's Radio-Television-Film program with a B.A. in 2014, Ty worked on several feature films, reality shows, and music videos.  He's been an Assistant Cameraman, a Continuity/Script Supervisor, and most recently the Producer on an internet web series.  Ty moved back to Northern California, and now serves as the Producer on Hunting Adventures with Mountain Dan, which combines three of his many favorite activities: filmmaking, guns, and hunting.


Kim May

Field Director

After growing up in the Northern California mountains, Kim went to school for Photography, Developing, and Filmmaking, in the Criminal Investigations field of study at Santa Maria College, in Southern California.  Finding that the digital era was taking over too quickly, Kim moved back to Northern California, in order to pursue Photography in the natural setting.  Since she loves guns and hunting, Kim began to encourage women to be familiar with firearms, learn to shoot, and hunt if they desire.  After meeting Mountain Dan, she combined her passion for filming, hunting, and guns, making her ideas happen.  Kim is a Grandma of four, and making a living hunting.